by Wayne Bissky, 2010

Meet Wayne Bissky

Wayne Bissky is a Canadian architect and artist. He lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with his wife, Sandra. Wayne and Sandy have four grown children, three children-in-law, and five well-loved grandchildren (so far).

Wayne originally studied art while in architecture school over 35 years ago, and in recent years has rediscovered the respite of a paintbrush and canvas. He is deeply influenced by both his worldwide travels and his profession. His art echoes the open skies, bright sunshine, intense climate, and pure, clean colours of the Canadian prairies, where he spent his youth.

Watercolour, to Wayne, is a metaphor for life. The medium must be controlled lightly to allow its greatest assets and beauty to flourish. One must learn to go with the flow and see each painting as an adventure. As with life, he has learned to accept and celebrate this fluidity rather than fight against it. “A tightly controlled watercolour painting becomes a muddy, lifeless, boring thing. It has lost its freshness and the sense of fleeting immediacy which is its real beauty.”

Wayne traces his creative genes through his maternal grandparents, whose roots pushed deep into the prairie soil to emerge again in Iceland, where they have endured for over a thousand years. “Þakka-þér, elskan amma og afi.”

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Materials of Choice

Wayne uses only the best materials available to produce paintings of the finest quality.

Watercolour Paints: